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Endorse the call for Brimingham Pride to #DropHSBC from Palestinian group ASWAT

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Pinkwashing is a propaganda strategy used to conceal human rights violation through the facade of support for LGBTQ+ rights, used by apartheid Israel and corporations such as HSBC.

HSBC invest over £800 million in and provide syndicated loans worth up to £19 billion for, companies arming Israel. One such company is Caterpillar, who supplies the Israeli military, with specifically designed bulldozers. These bulldozers are used specifically to demolish Palestinian communities, Israel's illegal settlements and apartheid wall.

To obscure their complicity, and protect their branding, HSBC provides sponsorship and funding for LGBTQ+ pride festivals across the world, and in the UK they are the main sponsors of Birmingham pride. This funding acts to ‘pinkwash’ HSBC's image, concealing their involvement in human rights abuses.

Birmingham Pride, time to #DropHSBC

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