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Emergency Motion – AGM 2024

The Executive Committee has submitted an Emergency Motion to the AGM.

Although the Annual plan was finalised, after consultation with PSC branches, post October, it is important that the AGM is able to address the most current details of Israel’s genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. The following motion does so and seeks to capture what is required to maintain pressure on our politicians to call for a ceasefire and bring humanitarian aid into Gaza, alongside a reinforcement of what is outlined in the plan as required to address the root causes of the current devastation, and end all UK complicity with sustaining Israel’s system of apartheid, occupation and colonisation.

The PSC AGM notes the International Court of Justice 26th January 2024 ruling that:

“The State of Israel shall, in accordance with its obligations under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, in relation to Palestinians in Gaza, take all measures within its power to prevent the commission of all acts within the scope of Article II of this Convention.”

The AGM notes that since the beginning of the war:

1) Over 27,000 Palestinians have been killed, including 700 killed and 1200 injured since the Ruling.

2) 85% of Gaza’s population have been expelled from their homes, 60% of homes destroyed with 1.7 million Gazans becoming Internally Displaced People.

3) 23 out of 36 hospitals are not functioning, 350 schools destroyed, and every university destroyed.

4) in the West Bank over 300 people, including 79 children, were killed by IDF and settlers, and 4,800 arrested, including 365 children.

This AGM further notes:

1) 18th January 2024 statement by Prime Minister Netanyahu rejecting the establishment of a Palestinian state declaring the war a second “war of independence” – a second Nakba;

2) Israeli Ministers openly discussing plans for the mass expulsion of Palestinians from Gaza.

This AGM condemns the Israeli Government’s contemptuous disregard of the ICJ ruling and continuing genocide and calls for an immediate unconditional ceasefire and withdrawal of all occupation forces from Gaza.

This AGM believes that, in its refusal to support a ceasefire, the UK Government, alongside the US, and EU states, is complicit in the act of genocide.

This AGM condemns:

1) the UK Government’s suspension of funding for the UN’s Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestine which supports 5.9 million Palestinian in 58 Refugee camps in Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon together with 706 schools.

2) the proposal to the USA House of Representatives that the Biden administration provide $17.6 billion in new military assistance to Israel to support of the IDF actions against the Palestinians.

This AGM demands the UK government:

1) supports an immediate ceasefire, the withdrawal of all Israeli forces and an end to killings and arrests in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank;

2) support the case brought to the ICJ by South Africa;

3) reinstates and increases funding to UNRWA to restore all its facilities to a functioning level.

4) immediately end all arms trade with Israel.

5) Prohibits trading by Israeli or joint Israeli-UK enterprises engaged in the arms trade.

6) terminates the 2030 UK-Israel roadmap.

This AGM agrees to continue to mobilise for national and local demonstrations, escalate BDS campaigns, and, whilst not supporting any party, to raise Palestine at every opportunity in local elections and the General Election.

This AGM welcomes the increase in membership and the growth of new branches and is committed to support the building of a mass united movement engaging everyone, the trade unions, local communities and elsewhere in building the organisation in support of the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.

To assist with the smooth running of the AGM, we would request that amendments to the above motion be submitted by 4pm on Friday 23 February 2024. You can submit an amendment here.