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9:00 am - 5:00 pm

PSC Annual General Meeting 2023

Saturday 4th February 2023, 10am – 5pm (doors open at 9.00am for registrations)
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1 4RL


Our Annual General Meeting is where PSC members, branches and affiliated organisations come together to decide our next steps as a movement. The event will hear from leading campaigners in both Palestine and Britain and give members the opportunity to vote to set our policies, priorities and to elect our volunteer leadership for the year ahead. Doors will open at 9.00am to begin registrations to ensure prompt start at 10am.

Ahead of the AGM on Saturday 4th February 2023 there are numerous ways for you to take part:

AGM Registration cost: £9 Waged and £7 Concessions

To find out more about the AGM process, please see the following sections:


All PSC individual members are entitled to attend the AGM, as are delegates from PSC branches and affiliated organisations. To be entitled to vote you, or your organisation, must be a fully paid-up member by Friday 5th November 2022. If you are unsure of whether your membership is up to date, please register and we will be in touch if any payment is due. Online registration is open until Friday 27th January 2023 at 5pm. Postal registration closes on Wednesday 1st February 2023 at 5pm.

All individual members receive one vote. Branches and affiliated organisations receive one vote, except for national organisations with over 100,000 members which are entitled to 3 votes. One person may hold their own vote plus those of a branch or affiliate but will be required to cast all votes they hold in the same way during each vote.

If you wish to cast your individual vote as a member alongside any votes on behalf of a branch or affiliate, please complete both forms.




Motions process

Prior to the AGM, the Executive Committee in consultation with Branch representatives attending our regular Branch Forums will compile PSC’s Annual Plan. This proposal is put to the AGM for approval and forms the core of our planned work over the coming year. In addition to the Annual Plan, the AGM can consider motions which, if passed, are integrated into the plan.

Motions must be submitted using the following form by 5pm on Friday 9th December 2022. After the distribution of motions, any amendments must be submitted using the following form by 5pm on Friday 20th January 2023.

To allow for a more accessible debate, please keep all motions below 500 words and all amendments below 250 words.

To submit a motion or amendment, please use the following form:


Elections to the PSC Executive Committee

The AGM elects members to serve on PSC’s Executive Committee and help lead the campaign until the next AGM. The Executive meets in full at least six times a year with members also taking on diverse areas of work, from supporting the astaff team with campaign planning and organisational oversight to representing us externally or contributing to building PSC in different areas of society. Most meetings take place virtually.

The positions available are Chair, 2 Vice-Chairs (at least one of whom shall be a woman), Secretary, Treasurer, Trade Union Liaison Officer, plus 8 general Executive Members (at least four of whom shall be women).

All members in good standing who have been PSC members since Friday 6th August 2022 or before are eligible to stand.
If you wish to stand for election, you must complete the following form by 5pm on Friday 9th December 2022, including providing details of a proposer, seconder and a statement in support of your candidacy. We will also be asking candidates to submit a video for distribution ahead of the AGM, details of which will be provided to candidates after the close of nominations




For any queries in relation to the AGM, please contact the PSC office via [email protected].


Friday 6th August 2022: Candidates for election to the Executive Committee must be members by this date to be eligible for election.
Friday 5th November 2022: To vote at AGM as an individual, you must be a current member by this date.
Friday 9th December 2022 at 5pm: Close of submissions of motions and election nominations.
Friday 16th December 2022: A report including the annual plan, proposed motions and election nominations will be published by this date.
Friday 20th January 2023 at 5pm: Close of receipt of amendments to motions.
Friday 27th January 2023 at 5pm: Close of online registration for those attending the AGM.
Wednesday 1st February 2023 5pm: Closing date for postal registrations to attend the AGM.
Saturday 4th February 2023: Annual General Meeting, 10am-4:30pm