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Register for this one-day Conference at SOAS, University of London.

Organised by the SOAS Centre for Palestine Studies, London Middle East Institute.

It has been almost eight years since Israel’s military blockade of the Gaza Strip began in mid-2007. During this time, repeated aerial and ground invasions have killed thousands of Palestinians – including over 2100 people in the latest onslaught of July/August 2014. These assaults, and the ongoing closure of the Strip, have generated a humanitarian disaster on a scale unprecedented since Israel’s occupation began in 1967. Nonetheless, despite these enormous difficulties, Gaza remains an inseparable and integral part of future trajectories in Palestine.

In this context, the SOAS Centre for Palestine Studies will be holding a one-day conference on Saturday 31st October, which aims to address various aspects of academic research related to the Gaza Strip.

The organisers welcome proposals for conference papers on topics, not restricted to the following:

Political representation in Gaza and its relationship to the Palestinian national movement.

  • The characteristics, practices and tensions of Hamas as both government and political movement.
  • The politics of Gaza and future directions of Palestinian state formation
  • Class and other social structures in the Gaza Strip and their linkages with wider Palestinian society.
  • The impact of closure and blockade on Palestinian society.
  • New directions in historical research on Gaza.
  • Gender and emerging feminist movements in the Gaza Strip.
  • New youth and other social movements in the Gaza Strip.
  • Gaza’s political economy and economic relations with neighbouring countries
  • The regional significance of Gaza to the politics of the contemporary Middle East.
  • Media and cultural production in the Gaza Strip.
  • Questions and debates in international law.
  • International and regional solidarity with Gaza.
  • Media coverage of Israeli assaults on Gaza.
  • The health crisis in Gaza

Conference participants are expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs.

 Further details available from the Centre for Palestinian Studies website at: https://www.soas.ac.uk/lmei-cps/events/31oct2015-the-gaza-strip-history-future-and-new-directions-for-research-.html

Contact information:Telephone: 020 7898 4330
E-mail: [email protected]