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10/07/2014 - 12/07/2014    
12:00 am

A fundraising film festival (10th-12th July at the School of Oriental and African Studies) to cover  some legal costs incurred by some activists.
Some background. Last summer the European U21 cup was held in Israel. A month before the tournament, on a rainy May evening, six young activists infiltrated an important UEFA event and staged a creative, satirical stunt. Two protestors got on stage to hand UEFA’s chairman, Michel Platini, a surprise award in which we ‘congratulated’ him for his complicity in Israel’s breaches of international law by allowing the country to host the tournament.

Two filmmakers, who also infiltrated the ceremony, captured events on camera but unfortunately their equipment was seized and they were arrested. What followed was four months of legal battles before UEFA agreed to drop the charges providing that the footage be destroyed. The hard work and success of the creative protest was crushed and not allowed to enter the public domain. In essence, the right to protest and expose corruption in the international game was prohibited.

Against a backdrop of the most politicised World Cup yet, Clipped Film Festival was established in order to further inform audiences of the beautiful and ugly parts of football, and provide inspiration to those attempting to recreate a better world through the game. Proceeds of the festival will contribute to paying the legal fees accumulated in fighting the case against UEFA which ended with the release of the filmmakers without trial.

Order tickets and donate online
(suggested donation £5 for one day, £15 for whole festival pass)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/462883960523354/?ref=ts&fref=ts

Website: http://clippedfootballforum.org/

Location: School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Bloomsbury

See below for the full programme. Thursday evening is particularly relevant as we are screening GOAL DREAMS and have a Q&E with Palestinian footballer and former prisoner and hunger striker, Mahmoud Sarsak, afterwards. Hope to see you there!

********THURSDAY 10TH JULY 6-10PM – Football and National Liberation*******
We will be looking at the challenges faced by footballers in countries afflicted by occupation and civil war, and the way that football can unite a population against oppression.

Followed by Q&A with director Sam Benstead

Followed by Q&A with director Maya Sanbar and Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak

Food and drink provided

**********FRIDAY 11TH JULY 6-11PM – Football and Gender**********
We will be exploring the obstacles faced by women all over the world as they fight for representation in football and society.


7.15pm: “Why aren’t there more women in football?” Panel discussion

8.15pm: A WOMAN’S GOAL

8.30pm: OFFSIDE

Food and drink provided

********SATURDAY 12TH JULY – Football and resistance********
We will be looking at football and resistance, and how organized supporters’ groups have moved from the terraces to the streets in helping to determine their countries’ political destinies.

4.00 pm Vandalism + a rua é publica

6.30 pm panel discussion: the place of football in revolution

7:30 pm Istanbul United + zaga das bonecas

Food and drink provided