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11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Victoria Square Town Hall
New Street, Birmingham, B3 3DQ
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When Israel was bombing Gaza, including UN schools where Palestinians had taken refuge when their homes destroyed by earlier Israeli shelling, Vince Cable refused to cancel defense licenses allowing the supply of military equipment to Israel.

David Cameron also defended Israel’s bombing of Gaza as an act of self-defence. We need to hold our administration to account for their complicity in the killings of over 2,000 Palestinians, many of them children,

Join us on the protest and let us shout as loud as we can “Not in our name”

We will be demanding the end of the siege of Gaza.

We will insist that as the negotiations start between Palestinians and Israel that our government puts pressure on Israel to end its occupation and the siege of Gaza.

Bring your Palestinian flags, placards and banners and anything to enhance your voice so it carries into the conference.