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Photography exhibition

Children from the ages of 8 to 18 took a camera home from school and shot their own pictures of family and village life under the guidance of Liverpool community photographer Elaine Stapleton.  The result is an eloquent and moving exhibition of some 24 images. Additionally, there are 10 photos taken by Elaine putting the photos in perspective to be understood as lives lived under a harsh military occupation which has taken much of the village land in order to build a vast illegal settlement on it and which denies Bil’in and Palestinians in general their most fundamental human rights. The exhibition was commissioned by the small group, Liverpool Friends of Bil’in, as part of a twinning project between schools in Liverpool and Bil’in.

Please do take the opportunity to visit the exhibition and take a look at the sad, but evocative photographs created by these young Palestinians, depicting the reality of their daily life.

Organised by Southampton PSC: http://www.pscsoton.org.uk