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7:00 pm - 9:45 pm


Riverside Studios
Crisp Road Hammersmith W6 9RL, London
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The Association of the Palestinian Community in the UK and the Palestine Film Foundation invite you to         join us at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, London on Sunday April 13th for a   soaring double-bill…

FLYING PAPER         Nitin Sawhney         & Roger Hill / 2013         Documentary /         71min

+         A SPACE EXODUS         Larissa Sansour         / 2009         Fiction / 5min

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  FLYING         PAPER documents a spectacular quest by Palestinian children in         the Gaza Strip to break the World Record for the most kites ever flown.         Co-produced with young Palestinians trained by the filmmakers through a         youth media programme (Voices         Beyond Walls), the film is a celebration of creative         resilience. Scored by the co-director’s namesake, renowned British         composer Nitin Sawhney, Flying         Paper mixes animated sequences with breathtaking footage of         the record-breaking bid and warm portraits of the film’s protagonists.                  A captivating journey into Gazan kite culture – borne aloft by the         playful humour and indomitable spirit of the kiteflyers themselves!

     A         SPACE EXODUS adapts a passage of Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey, following         the director on a phantasmagorical journey through the stars – the         first Palestinian into space. Sansour’s moon-landing evokes Armstrong’s         (“a small step for a Palestinian, a giant leap for mankind”), but this         witty short touches on experiences of displacement and statelessness as         much as it does those of space travel or moon-landings…


Presented by the Association of the  Palestinian Community in the UK and the Palestine Film Foundation.