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First Meeting: Online Youth and Student Book Club


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
PSC Youth and Student Committee is launching a book club where we can read, educate ourselves, and discuss the issues that come up together.
By developing and deepening our understanding of the history, plight, and resistance of the Palestinian people we will be better equipped to to educate others.
As many of us will have experienced – education plays a massive role in galvanising support and many people who stood on the fence previously have become staunch Palestine supporters once educated on the history of Israel’s oppression of Palestinian people.
The first book we will be reading is “Israeli Apartheid – A Beginner’s Guide” by Ben White.
We will just focus on “Part One: Israeli Independence, Palestinian Catastrophe”.
About the book:
“Since its release in 2009 this has become an essential primer for undergraduate students and activists getting to grips with the Palestine/Israel conflict for the first time. Ben White skilfully distills the work of academics and experts into a highly accessible introduction.”
You can buy the e-book available immediately here: https://www.hive.co.uk/…/Israeli-Apartheid–A…/15847466