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Indigenous Solidarity: Our Struggles Unite


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

From Turtle Island to Khirbet Humsa, from Standing Rock to Haifa, indigenous people resist settler colonialism and its practises of surveillance, containment, military checkpoints, police brutality, mass incarceration, displacement, theft of water and other natural resources, and environmental destruction.

Many indigenous activists are standing together to resist parallel colonial agendas, learning, and strengthening mutual resistance to racist rule and injustice. Activists in solidarity with Palestinians have also joined forces with other indigenous solidarity movements to build united struggles.

On Land Day, join activists from the indigenous solidarity movements to discuss how we build our struggle against settler colonialism.

Sorcha Thomson, PSC Youth and Student Committee (Chair)
Malek Rasamny, Director and Producer of the Native and the Refugee Project
Matt Peterson, Director and Producer of the Native and the Refugee Project
Mark Luetchford, Chair of Western Sahara Campaign UK
Nidal Betare, Syrian-Palestinian writer based in Washington DC, USA


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