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Rich Mix
47 Bethnal Green Rd E1 6LA, London, London
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Kamilya Jubran was born in Akka, to Palestinian parents who are from a northern Palestinian village in Al-Jaleel. Elias Jubran, Kamilya’s father, an authentic instrument maker and a music teacher; was her first source of classical Arabic musical education. In Jerusalem and for twenty years, Kamilya was Sabreen’s lead song performer, and player of Oud, Qanoon, and other oriental instruments. www.sabreen.org. From 1982 to 2002, Kamilya along with Sabreen represented the voice of resistance; struggle for freedom, and a deep and dynamic artistic-political process that created a new style of a modern Arabic song.

Since 2002, Kamilya toured with her first project Mahattaat, then Wameedd, besides a solo performance in several Arab and European cities

Kamilya is creating and performing her own songs and music while roaming the in-between spaces of the world and non-commercial milieus with a number of European musicians.
More than 6 years have passed since K&W produced their 1st album « Wameedd » , more than hundred shows they’ve performed together during this period, in different parts of the world.
Such continuous « live » and alive process has greatly shaped and strengthened their musical interplay. Simultaneously, it allowed them to learn more on each others’ roots, and enabled them to find additional common playgrounds despite the differences of their origins.
This , as well as their shared common vision of the world , has augmented their desire to keep searching for new challenging spaces that would provoke , at the same time invite them to take more risks and more freedom in their expressions.

« Wanabni » process started as an attempt to reply to a question K&W asked themselves : how would we perfrom today the song « Al Shaatte Al Akhar » (one of their tunes that their audience mostly liked) after having played it so many times .
This route necessitated an up grade of their tools as well as their ways of using them ;
and their continuous work slowly grew to be their new repertoire that they based on classical Arabic music, modern classical music of the 20th century, jazz and electronic music.

Parallel to the musical evolution, and following their wish to have a natural coherent growth of their project, K&W have revisited the same poets they collaborated with in 2003 for Wameedd , namely Fadhil Al Azzawi, Aïcha Arnaout, Sawsan Darwaza, and have chosen texts that were written by those poets since then/after 2003.
Kamilya has revised the same book ‘Hommes de l’autre rive’ of Dimitri Analis- the only poet she has not met in person, and of it, she selected an other part that links up with/recalls « Al Shaattee Al Akhar ». They as well combined some texts of the poet Hassan Najmi – with whom Kamilya has collaborated, for her last solo project Makan.The storyline of Wanabni consequently,recounts some recent reflections of those contemporary poets.

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