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Six months after the ceasefire life in Gaza is worse than ever. Why has the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) felt forced to issue another appeal? It’s a scandal that, while  £3.4b was promised by international donors to help rebuild Gaza,  these governments have dismally failed to spend more than a tiny proportion – the UK Government promised £20 m – not much for a nation with a historic responsibility for the situation – but has only spent a quarter. Surgeons from Kings at Camberwell have been working in Gaza trying to repair a little of the human damage done by the Israelis but now the funding for that project is at an end.

Israel has created a humanitarian catastrophe. It’s blockade continues to kill hundreds of children. Western governments’ complicity compounds this.  Six months on from the war we must not let the people of Gaza be forgotten.

  • Urgently write to your MPs – they are still responsible until May. Write to the parliamentary candidates. Demand an answer to why even the miserly promise of £20m has not been met.
  • Lambeth & Wandsworth PSC ‘s campaign stall in Brixton on Saturday March 7th 11.30 – 1.00 will be publicising the desperate plight of the Gazans. Make placards to show support. We will also be talking about Gaza at our April branch meeting – Tuesday April 14th.7pm at SCRSS.

And watch Banksy’s new 2-minute video


Where to find us?

Look for us by the tube station. Please support. It’s worth coming to help even if you can only spare a short time. We will be giving out flyers and information about the boycott campaign, among other things.

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See more at: https://palestinecampaign.org/events/lambeth-wandsworth-psc-bds-street-stall/#sthash.6v67Q9Uf.dpuf