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7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


St Catharine's Hall,
Park Road, , Frome , BA11 1EU

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Hebron is one of Palestine’s most challenging cities. Home to a quarter of a million Palestinians, a tiny elite of less than a thousand militant zionist settlers do all they can to make life unbearable for the rest of the population, aided and abetted by the Israeli army. The main street, al-Shuhuda, is barred to Palestinians though not to settlers or tourists, and residents have to clamber over rooftops to enter their own homes. Many of the settlers live – literally – above the town, and shower the people below with detritis and worse.

Ray Packham, treasurer of Bradford on Avon friends of Palestine, and a recent volunteer teacher of English in Hebron, will give a talk on the situation there.

£3 Proceeds go to bringing the Freedom Theatre of Jenin to Frome.