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7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


The Cornerhouse
Christchurch St East, Frome, South West
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Raed Debiy, 31, is international secretary of Fatah Youth Movement, who’s
active in the non-violent struggle against the Israeli occupation. Being
non-violent doesn’t stop the Israelis putting you in prison. You can be put in
‘administrative detention’ without charge and without explanation.

He lives in the occupied West Bank where there are 540 checkpoints,150 illegal
Israeli settlements, roads reserved for ‘Israelis only’, laws to stop Israelis
and Palestinians mixing, demolitions of Palestinian homes, evictions of
Palestinian families, confiscation of Palestinian land, water, resources, night
raids and arbitrary arrests. At
The Cornerhouse, Christchurch St East at 7.30. £3, proceeds to the Frome
al-Arroub Youth Project