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1:00 pm

Central London meeting locations TBC



On the 4th of May everyone is invited to take part in a mass BDS action in central London! We will visit two central London retailers who profit from the occupation of Palestine.

Join other activists at one of two central London locations at 1pm sharp to find out about the target and their crimes. Together, the crowd will make their way to the shops.”

There will be a wide range of activities happening on the day. No matter what your previous knowledge or past experience, come and make music, give out flyers, and be disruptive. Turn up on the day, and reclaim the space taken up by settlement goods for education about Palestine.

Watch this space for information about the exact meeting location and check back to Palestine Place website, twitter and facebook for more info…
DATE: Saturday 4 may
TIME: 1pm sharp
PLACE: (the two locations)

Why BDS?What is Palestine Place?

Israel is only able to maintain its apartheid system over the Palestinian people because of the support it receives from governments and corporations around the world.

This May anti-apartheid hundreds of people in London will simultaneously swoop on different locations of a business that is profiting from Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians in what is sure to be one of the most exciting Boycott, Sanctions and Divestments (BDS) campaign actions in the UK to date.

Last June, human rights campaigners opened a squatted space called Palestine Place in central London for two weeks to provide a space for workshops, events, action planning and trainings.
Now it’s time to turn the premises of this occupation profiteer into a space for education and discussion about the Palestinian struggle against Israel’s brutal apartheid regime.

Get involved:

– There will be different meeting points across different parts of London where people will gather to hear more about the planned target and then travel to the action together. At each meeting point there will be people present who know the location of the action and are able to help support and facilitate the action.

– There will be lots of ways to take part in the action, depending on your skills set and what you are comfortable with. From playing an instrument, to handing out leaflets, to blocking, to sitting down, to shouting. Bring flags, instruments, noise makers and anything you think will help us make the day a creative and fun success!

– Have an idea about what we can do once we’ve occupied the space? Want to perform, give a talk, read a poem or run a mini workshop? Get in touch! [email protected]

– Please do get in touch if you’re able to be a legal observer or photographer on the day

Find out more about Palestine Place: http://palestineplace.wordpress.com/
Find our more about BDS: http://www.bdsmovement.net/bdsintro