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Palestinian refugee event: Palestine Museum, Bristol
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Palestinian refugee event: A pledge by them for their protection and safety

As the world and Britain look toward the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, and worry about how to respond to the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean; the Palestine Museum and Cultural Centre will join organisations and individuals, across both Britain and Palestine, to remember:

– The Palestinian exodus (a.k.a the ‘Nakba’) of 1948/49, and
– The origin and current situation of Palestinian refugees – both within the Palestinian refugee camps and here in Britain.

We will discuss the current situation of Palestinian refugees, learn more about their experiences in Palestinian refugee camps and in Britain, and also about their Right to Return to Palestine.

We will also remember the Palestinian exodus, and the challenges and barriers they are still facing – either to be able to settle here, or to return home to Palestine.

– There will be a short break in the middle, where there will be food and non-alcoholic drinks available –

Main speakers include:

  • Gahda Karmi – Palestinian author and doctor. ‘A Palestian Talk About the Nakba’ (documentary film).
  • Dr Swee Chai Ang – Founder of Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), and author of the book, From Beirut to Jerusalem. (See below for link to her recent article on the survivors of Sabra and Shatilla massacre)
  • Ahmad Latham – BADIL Resource Centre for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights, Skype from Palestine
  • Cynthia Orchard – Legal policy officer of Assulum Aid / Migrants Resource Centre, and member of the advisory committee of the European Network of Statelessness
  • Johanna Bezzano – University of Liverpool Law Clinic solicitor, specialising in statelessness
  • Pietro Stefanini – Researcher and advocacy coordinator and the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), London

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For more information visit: Palestine Museum and Cultural Centre, Bristol.