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6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


179-187 Anderton Road
Sparkbrook, B11 1ND, Birmingham, Midlands
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Kashmir & Palestine

Saturday 29th June 6 pm

Speakers Manal Tamrizi (Palestinian from Gaza),

Nazir Qureshi World Kashmir Freedom movement

Jan Myrdal (author of Red Star over India) and activist from Sweden

For more details visit Palestine To kashmir and Britain’s role in occupations or ring 07837215861

Or email [email protected]

Kashmir & Palestine have been under occupation since 1948.

West Midland Palestinian Solidarity Campaign are planning to send a member to join the Marmara housing project in  the occupied Palestinian Territories The project is due to begin on the eighth of August.

Roughly, to build a semi-detached house in UK takes between 4,000 to 6,500 bricks.  Average price for a brick in UK is one pound. Therefore, every Pound you contribute buys us a brick in the house we help build in Palestine. I hope you will contribute in whatever way you can for this project. We hope to use the experience and knowledge gained by those going to help build the houses will come back and inform people in Birmingham about the conditions Palestinians face under occupation.

West Midlands is targeting to provide one family a house in Palestine this year.  We hope to make this our annual commitment.

Those who go over to Palestine and help in the building process volunteer their labor free and pay all their travelling and  for their subsistence. Every pound donated goes to purchase the building materials necessary to build the house. Your contribution therefore adds to the economy in Palestine. It helps to tell the Palestinians that we care and know about their plight and that we are prepared to help in any way we can. It also helps us to learn through first hand experience the difficulties of living under occupation. We can use that knowledge to campaign against the occupation of Palestine and for the rights of Palestinians under occupation.


The project is Palestinian led and its aims are to rebuild 15 Palestinian homes in the village of Idhna in western Hebron.


Since the 1967 occupation an estimated 27,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished by the Israeli state in contravention of international human rights law and authoritatively upheld by the International Court of Justice [2004].http://www.icahd.org/


Save The Children report “Broken Homes,Assessing the Impact of House Demolition on Palestinian Children and Families”states that children who have their homes demolished suffer from anxiety,depression,emotional withdrawal,attention disorders and behavioral problems.97% of parents suffer from trauma related symptoms after the demolition of their homes. We are asking you as supports of the Palestinian fight for justice to make a donation towards the rebuilding costs and help to redress some of the injustices that they endure.


Funds are needed to help us finance the re-build of Palestinian homes. Please help us by contributing to our account. We aim to raise as much as possible before the start of the project on the eighth of August to ensure the project’s success.


Donations can be made through the WMPSC account or alternatively by visiting us at our stall outside Marks and Spencer on the High Street between 2:30 pm and 4:00 pm on saturdays. 


WMPSC Account details are

Account name: West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Sort Code: 08 92 99

Account No: 65190544

For reference add Marmara