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Greenbelt Festival
Boughton House, Northamptonshire, NN14 3AG
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Greenbelt Festival proudly presents
The Shroud Maker, a play by Ahmed Masoud

What’s the best business one can establish in Gaza?

Hajja Souad, an 80-year old woman living in El Shujaia Neighbourhood, has the right idea. She’s survived decades of wars, deportation and oppression through making and selling shrouds for the dead, profiting from the continuous Israeli attacks.

Loosely based on a real life character still living in Gaza, The Shroud Maker is a dark new satire by Ahmed Masoud, telling Hajja Souad’s story of survival.

Written and directed by: Ahmed Masoud
Performed by: Julia Tarnoky
Set Design by: Dima Karout
Sound Design by: Richard Melkonian

Ahmed Masoud is the author of the debut novel Vanished – The Mysterious Disappearance of Mustafa Ouda.

Ahmed is a writer and director who grew up in Palestine and moved to the UK in 2002. His theatre credits include Camouflage (London 2017) The Shroud Maker (London 2015), Walaa, Loyalty (London 2014, funded by Arts Council England), Go to Gaza, Drink the Sea (London and Edinburgh 2009) and Escape from Gaza (BBC Radio 4, 2011).

Ahmed is the founder of Al Zaytouna Dance Theatre (2005) where he wrote and directed several productions in London, with subsequent European tours. After finishing his PhD research, Ahmed published many journals and articles including a chapter in Britain and the Muslim World: A Historical Perspective (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011). An earlier version of Vanished won the Muslim Writers Awards (London 2011 supported by Penguin Books)