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This weekend on International Women’s Day (March 8), women who have lost their children because of state violence from the United States, Mexico and Palestine will come together via video conference to discuss US-funded violence, the increasing militarization of our world, and the rising movements for peace. We invite you to honor these mothers on the holiday dedicated to women worldwide by joining them via video from your own community.

Right now, you can support the mothers’ calls for accountability by calling on President Obama to order an immediate moratorium on police militarization!

For the web conference, consider hosting a watch party so your friends and family can join, and use the hashtags #ProtectOurKids and #StopFundingWars to join the commentary on Twitter. 

From the US military aid to Israel used to brutally occupy Palestine to Plan Mexico’s funding of violently oppressive police in Mexico to police departments with tanks, grenade launchers and machine guns throughout the US, the common link is the American government’s funding of violence at home and abroad.

The Pentagon’s 1033 Program has given billions of dollars worth of tanks, assault weapons, and other military equipment to law enforcement agencies that can be seen on the streets in communities. Ask President Obama to place a moratorium on the 1033 Program now!