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Spoken Word & Music Showcase: Rafeef Ziadah | Ruba Shamshoum | Dana Dajani


7:30 pm - 11:45 pm

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and MARSM present a compelling/lineup of spoken-word and live music featuring:

Rafeef Ziadah | Ruba Shamshoum | Dana Dajani

Don’t miss PSC’s unique showcase of some of the most powerful and compelling spoken-word & musical performers from Palestine. From protest songs to cunning social insights, join these three stellar Palestinian artists as they come together for an exceptional evening to celebrate the power of words and music.

Rafeef Ziadah
Rafeef Ziadah is a renowned spoken-word artist, academic and human-rights activist. With wit and precision, her words touch a chord of honesty and beauty. Her poem ‘We Teach Life, Sir’ went viral within days of release. Rafeef’s latest album ‘Three Generations’ offers a moving and powerful remembrance of Palestine, the Nakba, exile, defiance, and survival; a beautiful testament to the human spirit and to ‘love and joy against skies of steel’.

Ruba Shamshoum (quintet)
A riveting combination of poetic dream pop, jazz and Middle Eastern soul, Palestinian singer and musician Ruba Shamshoum tells bold stories of femininity and vulnerability, and celebrates human connection to nature and one’s self. Coupling her Nazareth roots with her background in jazz performance, Ruba released her debut album “Shamat”’ (Beauty Spots) in 2017, alongside several songs that have gone to top the indie charts across the Middle East and North Africa. 

Dana Dajani
Award-winning Palestinian actor and writer, Dajani uses her theatrical background to give her spoken word a performative edge. With her signature style of theatrical spoken-word pieces, her poems are passionate contributions to prominent themes of our time. Ranging from the political to the personal, she discusses themes such as the industrialisation of beauty, risk, and the power of language and technology.


This event will also be available to stream live!

Date: March 18th
Venue: Rich Mix (Shoreditch)
Times: 19:30-00:00

Accessibility: Venue is fully accessible
Ages: 18+