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Welcome to THE BIG RIDE

4 Rides, 1 Weekend

Raising awareness and solidarity with Palestine.

To take part book here: http://www.redspokes.co.uk/thebigride/

For a bus place to Shenstone arms factory book here>

The Big Ride is an initiative by supporters of the Palestinian people which combines a love of cycling with practical solidarity and awareness raising, especially around the plight of children in Gaza.

In 2015 we were motivated to organise a marathon 450 mile, nine day cycle ride from Edinburgh to London, involving more than 200 participants and supporters which raised £65,898 for the Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance.

Along the length of the route we were greeted by a wave of support and many, many people who wanted to learn more. We highlighted the consequences of the 51-day Israeli bombardment of Gaza in 2014, which killed 547 children under the age 12 and caused trauma to another 400,000 according to the United Nations.


In 2016 we are again setting out on the road for Palestine solidarity. This year we want to focus on the UK arms trade with Israel. There are now no restrictions on arms exports from the UK to Israel. This growing market is seen as business as usual, just another opportunity to make money out of human suffering.

We will organise a series of regional bike rides over two or three days in early August from

  • London and the South East
  • Manchester and North West England
  • Sheffield and North East England and
  • Bristol and the West

All roads will lead to Birmingham where Palestine supporters will stage a major public event, with music and other entertainment, food, stalls and speakers from the growing solidarity movement.

From Birmingham we propose a mass cycle ride of about 15 miles to Shenstone in Staffordshire where UAV Engines, a firm which is manufacturing military drones used to attack Gaza, is based. It has already been the focus of activists seeking to end this trade in death.

For a bus place to Shenstone arms factory book here>