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5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


University of Liverpool
Leslie Hearnshaw Lecture Theatre, Eleanor Rathbone Building, Liverpool
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Transformative Research Legacies: Joseph Rotblat

Wednesday 8th June 2016, 5pm-7pm

Venue: Leslie Hearnshaw Lecture Theatre, Eleanor Rathbone Building, University of Liverpool

Joseph Rotblat, alumnus of the University of Liverpool, was a physicist who became known for his conscientious objection to the development of nuclear weapons and was a prominent critic of the use of science for military purposes. This Legacies talk will feature a range of speakers exploring Rotblat’s commitment to the use of science and technology for peaceful purposes – a commitment that won him the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize for his lifelong campaign against nuclear weapons – in the context of the University’s relationship with the arms industry.

The session will be chaired by Professor David Whyte. Speakers include:
Greg Dropkin (author of “Get Your Bombs Off Our Lawn”),

Riya Hassan (Palestinian BDS National Committee) and

Professor Jonathan Rosenhead (London School of Economics).

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