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10:00 am - 5:00 pm

“War On The Mind” Trauma, Survival and Resilience in Palestine and Israel

Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine and the UK Palestine Mental Health Network are extremely proud to host this international online conference. It will look at the impact of occupation, brutality, oppression and conflict on the mental health of Palestinians and Israelis – as individuals, communities and societies.
We have a programme of talks by a panel of high-profile speakers from the UK, Palestine and other countries: they are all mental health specialists with close links to the region.
The subject of mental health is highly topical in societies across the globe today, and will offer an eye-opening perspective on the ongoing situation in Palestine and Israel – as well as a better understanding of the experiences of people living in the region, and an exploration of the links between mental health, human rights and activism.
The Conference will take place throughout the day on Zoom Webinar and will launch with Harry Fear’s feature documentary “Gaza: Still Alive”, which will be available to view a few days before the event.

The panel will include:

– Harry Fear (journalist and film-maker)
– Dr Samah Jabr (psychiatrist, psychotherapist and writer)
– Dr John Soos (clinical psychologist and activist)
– Maria Chambers (project coordinator with the Firefly Project)
– Dr Mohamed Altawil and David Harrold (Palestine Trauma Centre)
– Dr Ruchama Marton (psychiatrist, psychotherapist and feminist activist)

This event is kindly hosted by the Balfour Project.

Tickets for the event can be purchased here: