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ACTION ALERT: #StopFundingDestruction Twitter Storm

On the day of HSBC’s AGM, from 12pm on Friday 12th April, join the #StopFundingDestruction twitter storm calling on HSBC to end their complicity with Israel’s arms trade!

Background info

HSBC invest over £830million in, and provide syndicated loans worth up to £19billion for, companies arming Israel. This includes approximately £100million worth of shares invested in Caterpillar Inc. Caterpillar supply the Israeli army with bulldozers which are weaponised and used to demolish Palestinian homes, schools, communities and civilian infrastructure including sewage and water pipes, on land assigned to the Palestinian people by the UN. They are also used to construct Israel’s illegal settlements and the apartheid wall.

Following the recent victory of HSBC divesting full from Elbit Systems, it’s important now more than ever, to amplify the campaign and pressure HSBC into divesting from Caterpillar and all companies arming Israel.

Example tweets *Scroll down for a picture to add to your tweet*

Take inspiration or just simply copy and paste one of the following tweets!

Khan Al-Ahmar is one of the over 40 Palestinian communities that Israel plans to demolish using @CaterpillarInc bulldozers, to build illegal settlements. This constitutes a war crime. @HSBC  #StopArmingIsrael

@HSBC are implicated in billions in loans to companies that sell arms & destroy the planet. Today, a coalition of groups protest #HSBCAGM to demand that they stop funding the breakdown of people & planet! #HSBC #StopFundingDestruction

.@HSBC holds over  £99 million in @CaterpillarInc, US company which provides the Israeli military with bulldozers used to demolish Palestinian homes and villages.  HSBC must divest and #StopArmingIsrael #StopFundingDestruction

An alliance of anti-militarism, pro-Palestinian rights & climate groups are protesting outside @HSBC AGM demanding the bank stops pouring money into military equipment and climate chaos! #HSBC #StopFundingDestruction

Hundreds of people protesting outside @HSBC AGM today in Birmingham calling on HSBC to no longer invest in apartheid, war or global warming. @HSBC it’s time to #StopArmingIsrael and #StopFundingDestruction

@HSBC give arms & fossil fuel companies tens of billions – this creates war, oppression & warming. Today, anti-militarism, pro-Palestinian rights & climate groups stand shoulder to shoulder to demand that @HSBC #StopFundingDestruction

Since 2004 over 1,200 Palestinians have been made homeless due to Israel’s use of home demolitions as a form of collective punishment. @CaterpillarInc bulldozers are used in these demolitions. @HSBC must #StopArmingIsrael & #StopFundingDestruction

Wars over fossil fuels have destroyed people & planet for decades. By pouring 10s of billions into arms & fossil sector, @HSBC are part of this history of violence. We stand together to say no more #HSBC #StopFundingDestruction

.@HSBC holds over  £99 million in @CaterpillarInc, US company which provides the Israeli military with bulldozers used to demolish Palestinian homes and villages.  HSBC must divest and #StopArmingIsrael #StopFundingDestruction

On the day of @HSBC AGM we ask the giant bank, why does it invest in companies such as @CaterpillarInc which will likely be named in the UN list of companies operating illegally in the Israeli settlements? HSBC must divest and #StopArmingIsrael #StopFundingDestruction

.@HSBC Stop the complicity with Israel’s apartheid, massacres and oppression of the Palestinian people. Divest from @CaterpillarInc now and #StopArmingIsrael #StopFundingDestruction

In the last year, Israel has murdered over 270 unarmed Palestinian whilst they were protesting for their right to return. @HSBC must immediately end all financial support to @CaterpillarInc and other companies arming Israel. #StopFundingDestruction #StopArmingIsrael

.@HSBC claims to be an “ethical bank”, yet holds over £800 million in companies arming Israel. #HSBC must divest now! #StopArmingIsrael #StopFundingDestruction

.@CaterpillarInc supplies the Israeli army with bulldozers used to demolish Palestinian homes. Yet, @HSBC continue to invest in Caterpillar and other companies arming Israel, despite it violating their own policy. #StopArmingIsrael #StopFundingDestruction

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