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We need as many people calling as possible. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure our message is heard, and to support those protesting outside the arms fair.

Simply follow the script below. Please remember that the person answering the phone is not responsible for hosting the arms fair. Always be polite, but firm in asking that our message is passed on.

Call Twickenham Stadium on 0204 527 2507 or 020 3613 2036 and press 1 upon hearing the automated message. Once you’re through read the following script:

After calling, please fill in this short form to let us know how your call went.

Hello, I’m ringing to complain about the International Armoured Vehicles arms fair taking place at Twickenham Stadium as we speak. Please pass this message on to the Stadium’s senior management, and the RFU.

International Armoured Vehicles is being attended by official delegations from a range of human rights abusing states. They are meeting with representatives from companies manufacturing weapons and military technology that have been used in attacks on civilians across the world.

Several of the companies inside the stadium right now produce weapons and military technology which have been used in Israel’s armed attacks on Palestinians.

One of the key sponsors of the fair is  Rafael, an Israeli state owned weapons manufacturer. It produces SPIKE missiles, which have been used by the Israeli military in repeated indiscriminate attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Another of the companies sending representatives is Elbit Systems. Elbit Systems produce a range of weaponry, including armoured drones, which have also been used in Israel’s attacks bombing raids on the Gaza strip. 

These two companies are just the tip of the iceberg  –  there are representatives from many other arms companies whose products have been used to violate international law being given a platform to promote their deadly weapons inside your stadium.

Twickenham Stadium should not be giving these companies a platform to market their deadly weapons to states violating human rights. 

Hosting such unethical events is causing great reputational damage to the Rugby Football Union and Twickenham Stadium, and flies in the face of English Rugby’s core value of “fair play for all”.

Given all I’ve said, I’d like confirmation that the Rugby Football Union will not allow Twickenham Stadium to be used for an arms fair again.