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Empower yourself for Palestine!
Tipping Point – join us at our action summit
Saturday 14th March, 10-4pm, central London
Held by the PSC and SOAS Palestine Society. Ahead of the 2015 General Election and with the PSC’s ongoing #VotePalestine campaign, this summit is intended as a day to explore and examine different methods to promote justice for Palestine and share and intensify the message of freedom, justice and equality for Palestinians. Empower yourself for Palestine!>
We will explore these themes with workshops on:
  • Building powerful BDS campaigns
  • Challenging media bias
  • How to achieve policy change
  • Tackling the arms trade
Speakers and facilitators include: Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the BDS movement, Owen Jones, author, activist and journalist at The Guardian , Karma Nabulsi, Palestinian academic, Mezna Qato, Palestinian academic Hugh Lanning, PSC Chair and Sarah Colborne, PSC Director and more to be confirmed
This is our opportunity to escalate our campaign and use this tipping point in Palestine activism to make a difference for Palestine.
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Take action for Gaza
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Gaza Six months after the end of Israel’s latest assault on the blockaded Gaza Strip, this manmade human catastrophe has manifested a further deterioration. Most of the promised aid has failed to arrive and almost no rebuilding has been started. In consequence, the 100,000 people made homeless during the summer attack remain so. With Gaza’s only power station actively targeted and seriously damaged, very little electricity is available. These shortages compound the severely limited capacity of health facilities in the strip. Of the 50 primary care facilities and 17 hospitals damaged by Israeli attacks, most have now reopened but they are straining under the combined effects of very limited power and chronic shortages of basic medical supplies, a direct outcome of the blockade. The lack of power and basic shelter has left Palestinians in Gaza exposed to winter storms, and instances of both adults and children freezing to death have been reported. Today, 30 aid agencies have issued an urgent demand that ‘we must not fail Gaza’. Sadly, they are too late – we already have several times over.
Meanwhile, pro-Israeli MPs received little support from Parliamentary colleagues or Government Ministers when they tried to argue that reconstruction should be dependent on demilitarisation, a policy that would constitute a war crime. Read more>
Take Action for Gaza, as the acute humanitarian crisis worsens everyday
Read UNWRA’s Chris Gunness’ evaluation of the situation in Gaza>
See the human cost pictures from the Guardian>
See how fall short funding is for Gaza reconstruction>
Banksy has been using debris to create new works of art. He commented: ‘Gaza is often described as ‘the world’s largest open air prison’ because no-one is allowed to enter or leave. But that seems a bit unfair to prisons – they don’t have their electricity and drinking water cut off randomly almost every day.’
What you can do
Call your Parliamentary candidates to account. Ask them to say whether they support the immediate lifting of the blockade on Gaza. Please let us know how they respond.
Share support and solidarity with Palestinian students from Gaza
For two years, PSC has been organising a virtual chat between students in Gaza and students in the UK. After the Gaza massacre during the summer of 2014 this became much harder for the students in Gaza. They were relying on generators for 1 or 2 hours of electricity per day, the venue they normally used for the sessions was being used to house the hundreds of thousands of homeless in Gaza, and the students were still dealing with the immediate trauma of the attacks.


We have now been able to resume our chats with them, and they are keen that we tell everyone their stories, and pass on their messages. Read the latest article on their experiences during the Gaza massacre, and their dignity and resilience despite the situation they face.
News and actions
Help save Umm El Hiran
The March deadline for the destruction of Umm El Hiran – home to around 500 Palestinian Bedouin with Israeli citizenship – is fast approaching. Please ask our Foreign Secretary to intervene to help stop this village being destroyed to make way for an Israeli Jewish settlement on exactly the same site.
A taste of Apartheid courtesy of Waitrose
Waitrose and Israel Tourist Office are pushing Israeli propaganda and cultural appropriation in the Waitrose in- house magazine. Produced by the Israeli Tourist Office, the piece seeks to portray Israel as a culture friendly, tourist hot spot instead of a violent and racist state practising apartheid policies.
Email Waitrose at [email protected] and tweet ‘Taste of Israel’ using @waitrose and the hashtag #TasteofIsrael
Israeli Forces shoot and kill Palestinian teen, Jihad al Jaffari
Israeli company cuts power to West Bank, amidst increased army raids, arrests, and settler attacks in Bethlehem, Silwan and Hebron
“This is not the first time politicians have tried to disqualify Arab MKs for reasons of racism and political motivations,” Haneen Zoabi MK, election participation ban following false claims of support for terrorism, overturned by Israels Supreme Court, amidst heightened oppression of Palestinian minority within Israel.
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