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Following Israel’s attacks on Gaza but don’t know how to help?

Introducing Solidarity Sessions, a new online series that will feature discussions with Palestinian activists and movement leaders, speaking directly to us here in Britain to help inform and deepen our solidarity work.

This is your gateway to understanding the Palestinian struggle and connecting with the solidarity movement in Britain.

Upcoming episodes

In Solidarity Sessions Episode 3 we will reflect on the Palestinian Nakba on its 76th anniversary. Palestinian speakers and artists will discuss and share their stories, experiences and responses to the act of the Nakba in 1948 and highlight how it continues to this day with Israel’s brutal genocide in Gaza.

Watch past episodes

Sami Huraini, Saleh Hijazi and Ahmed Masoud discuss Israel’s ongoing attacks on Gaza and the West Bank and how you can play your part in standing with Palestinians facing Israel’s violence.

Palestinian experts and activists Dr. Shahd Hammouri and Saleh Hijazi, speak about the campaign to stop western governments arming Israel what you can do to support it