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PSC campaigns for justice, peace, and self-determination for Palestinians, in support of international law and human rights and against all racism.

Your membership is vital for us to continue our work. Join us now and become part of a mass movement for peace and justice for the Palestinian people.

Standard membership

From £30 a year.

This membership is available to everyone.

Concession membership

From £15 a year.

For those who are unwaged, unemployed, or retired.

Student or Youth membership

From £10 a year.

For supporters in full time education or who are under 30

By joining you will:

Have the chance to join in local, national, and international action in the fight for justice

  • Be part of a movement whose voice is heard in Parliament and in Europe
  • Receive information about events in Palestine and in the UK
  • Have access to materials and speakers from PSC to organise your own event
  • Become part of one of the most vibrant, fastest-growing political campaigns in the country
  • To be a PSC member you must agree with our aims.

Frequently asked questions:

Are you a charity?
No, PSC is not a charity. As a political campaign, PSC is not eligible for the financial benefits charitable status brings, which makes it even harder to raise our funds. However, political campaigning is vital to help bring about a solution, so Palestinians can determine their own future and no longer rely on international aid or charitable support.
Can I join offline?
Yes, you can.  Please call us on 020 7700 6192 to pay by debit or credit card over the phone OR send a cheque made out to Palestine Solidarity Campaign OR print and return by email or post a Standing Order form.  Our postal address is Palestine Solidarity Campaign, PO Box BM PSA, London, WC1N 3XX.
Can I donate but not join?
Yes, if you want to support our campaigns but not become a member you can make an online donation here, or call us on 020 7700 6192 to donate over the phone with your credit or debit card.
What method of payment can I use online?
You can make a recurring online payment for your membership via Direct Debit or bank card by clicking the relevant JOIN button above, on this page.
How are my membership subscription fees used?
PSC is powered by subscriptions from our members and donations from our wide range of supporters, without which we simple wouldn’t exist.  Campaigns cost money- lobbying politicians, challenging government policy, holding the media to account, taking on corporations, and building a mass movement can’t be done for free.  The majority of our funds, including your membership subs, are spent directly on our campaigns: organising protests, meetings, lobbies, and vigils; and paying for technology, leaflets, equipment, our office and small staff team.  As a grassroots organisation, every donation and membership sub we receive makes a big difference to what we are able to do.
How does my membership make a difference?
Our members have always been at the heart of PSC, building a powerful campaign for Palestine.  We know that we are stronger when we stand together, by joining PSC you help grow our movement and strengthen our voice.  We know that the more of us join together in solidarity the better able we are to stand up to the government and take on corporate giants- and to win.  Together, we can challenge key decision makers and bring about change for Palestinians living under Israeli occupation and on the end of discriminatory Israeli policies.

By joining PSC and helping us grow the campaign, you are sending a powerful message to Westminster that the people in the UK are united behind freedom, rights, justice and equality for Palestine.  And together, we send a heartfelt message to the Palestinian people that they have our support.