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Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s strength comes from our members. Last Saturday at our AGM hundreds of PSC members gathered to debate, discuss, vote and agree on our priorities for the coming year. Thank you to everyone who joined us. Together we recommitted to building our movement for Palestine and decided the key campaigns for 2016. See more here>

We are proud to be a grassroots, democratic organisation – so we take our lead from our members.  This year, we decided to have a special campaigning focus on Israel’s illegal settlements, which are built on Palestinian land taken from Palestinian people. 

Whether we are discussing policy with MPs, leafleting a busy high street, or protesting outside of Downing Street, PSC simply wouldn’t be able to exist without our members. If you aren’t a member – join today.

As well as a focus on Israel’s illegal settlements, this year:

  • We will organise a week during May against the ongoing ethnic cleansing (at a time of commemoration of the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948, called the Nakba).  Campaigning against the siege of Gaza will remain a priority.
  • Boycott, divestment and sanctions will be the heart of our work. We will focus on the arms trade as well as companies like HP and G4S.
  • Anti-racism will continue to form a core part of our campaigning.
  • We will work with new MPs and within europe to build on growing cross-party support for Palestinian human rights.

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