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We are pleased to report that the Police have yielded and agreed that our march on February 3 will finish in Whitehall, the seat of government. We wish to thank all of those who have applied pressure to secure this significant victory for the right to protest.

However, the police have not agreed to our request for a second stage. We have made clear that this makes the task of ensuring public safety much more difficult.

Those marching for justice and peace for over 3 months have had to encounter intimidation and the imposition of repressive measures designed to suppress support for the Palestinian people’s struggle for freedom and justice. We will not allow this to stop us marching or to distract us from our central message.

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands will be marching through the centre of London to Whitehall against Israel’s genocide, against the UK’s complicity in that genocide and in support of the Palestinian people’s struggle for liberation.

We call for a #CeasefireNow, for an end to occupation and for Israel’s system of apartheid to be dismantled. Join us on Saturday. In our thousands and our millions we are all Palestinians


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