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Tower Hamlets PSC has successfully persuaded Tower Hamlets Council, London, of the need to exclude occupation-complicit companies such as G4S and Veolia from council contracts. Members of TH PSC attended and spoke at a council meeting on 21 January, following a protest outside.
After a successful local petition demanding that G4S be disqualified from contracts in Tower Hamlets was presented to Tower Hamlets Council last night, both Tower Hamlets First and the Labour Party agreed with the demand made at full council to adopt a tight ethical procurement policy for council contracts.


The petition, demanding that G4S be disqualified from future contracts on the basis of its far reaching complicity with the illegal occupation reached 1,953 signatures and was presented to councillors and lead members after an hour-long lobby outside the council building where a coalition of groups chanted slogans in support of Palestine.


In the occupied West Bank, G4S provides security systems for Israeli prisons, equipment for military checkpoints and security services for illegal settlements.


G4S currently runs caretaking and school maintenance in twenty Tower Hamlets schools. Information recently obtained under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that the council uses G4S to provide catering services for  its ‘Signs of Safety’ child protection training courses in Mile End , and that in 2014 it spent close to 100k on procuring a service from a G4S children’s home.



The agreement to amend the ethical procurement policy should see the end to any further contracts with G4S, Veolia and other companies on the basis of their ‘grave misconduct’, profiting from the illegal occupation of Palestine and the suffering of Palestinians against international law.


Tahsin Ahmed of Tower Hamlets Palestine Solidarity Campaign who launched the petition against G4S and presented it to the packed council meeting said, “This evening, we challenged Tower Hamlets council to improve its procurement process to enable it to exclude companies which are guilty of grave misconduct in Palestine.
They agreed to do this. We have been invited to meet soon with the lead cabinet member Cllr Alibor Choudhury to discuss taking further action.
We are pleased to note that there was full support for the proposal from both the major parties in the Council chamber.”


The campaign was run by the newly formed Tower Hamlets Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Tower Hamlets Jenin Friendship Association, who have run a long-term campaign against the multinational Veolia which presently runs street cleaning and waste services in the borough. The procurement process for new contracts covering these services is about to begin and could well be affected by this new development.


Campaigners have hailed the adoption of a new policy as a significant step towards a Boycott Divestment Sanctions victory but have vowed to keep up the pressure until ‘genuinely ethical’ procurement is successfully in place in the borough.


Sybil Cock of Tower Hamlets Jenin Friendship Association and Tower Hamlets PSC said, “We would like to thank everyone who signed our ongoing petitions against G4S and Veolia, especially those who have been involved in this divestment campaign over the last months, weeks and years. We will continue to work to challenge the existing contracts and sponsorship deals with these unethical companies until they completely divest from business with the Israeli occupation.”