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  • London

On 24 June 2023, PSC branches across Britain joined groups around the world taking action at PUMA stores and stockists to demand the corporation finally ends its complicity in Israeli apartheid.

PUMA is the main international sponsor of the Israel Football Association (IFA), which includes football clubs based in illegal Israeli settlements, on land stolen from Palestinians.

We told hundreds of shoppers about PUMA’s role in legitimising Israel’s theft of Palestinian land and resources. Since 2018, over 200 Palestinian sports teams have demanded that PUMA stops its complicity in the violation of their rights. However, PUMA’s senior management has repeatedly ignored them and refused to listen to their concerns.

While actions took place at shops on Saturday, #BoycottPUMA trended on Twitter, educating even more know about PUMA’s unethical sponsorship of the IFA.

Campaigning since 2018 has meant that PUMA has lost millions of pounds worth of lucrative contracts. In May, PUMA’s 75th anniversary AGM was met with protests inside, outside and online, meaning PUMA’s senior management was forced to acknowledge the campaign in front of its shareholders.

We won’t stop until PUMA lives up to its progressive stance, and stops supporting Israel’s land grabs.

Join the campaign by writing to PUMA’s CEO here.