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On Wednesday 12th March 2014, the British Prime Minister made an outrageously biased speech to the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset. He failed to talk about Israel’s flagrant breaches of international law and their illegal occupation of Palestinian land. He wrongly asserted that all Israeli citizens have equality, regardless of religion. 

Please write to David Cameron and tell him he was wrong to make that speech. 

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Complain to David Cameron about his speech>  You can use our suggestions below, or better still, write about your own concerns (please note, the character limit on the website is 1,000).

Dear Mr Cameron,

I am concerned about your address to the Knesset on 12 March. When the European Union’s Council of Ministers has strongly criticized Israel’s human rights record, it was inappropriate to demonstrate such marked pro-Israeli bias.

The message you gave to the Palestinian population is: they can expect nothing of the UK Government; Israel will be supported however it behaves; human rights are of no account in the face of business interests. That the UK Government supplies military hardware to Israel and cooperates with Israel on military and security matters reinforces this.

The UK Government should act on the basis that Israel has disregards international law and the resolutions of the UN.

It should use its influence to insist Israel lifts the blockade on Gaza. There is already a serious problem with water supply contamination and power shortages, damaging the health of the population. The blockade inhibits the freedom of the population to work, study and travel.