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PSC have joined a worldwide campaign against Israeli agricultural export corporations in light of their deep complicity in Israel’s ongoing violations of international law and Palestinian human rights.

Thousands have written to the CEOs of your local supermarkets asking them not to use suppliers that profit from Israel’s illegal occupation, settlements and the wall.

We are now focusing on Sainsbury’s>

By stocking goods from these companies, supermarkets are not only helping to maintain the financial viability of the occupation, but are also lending them legitimacy which goes against any ethical trade principles.

The sale and purchase of goods from Israeli agricultural companies, such as Mehadrin and Hadiklaim, finance and reward the on-going illegal Israeli exploitation and colonisation of Palestinian land and further undermine the chances for a just peace based on international law and respect for universal human rights.

Agriculture is a vital part of the Palestinian economy and national heritage, yet Palestinian farmers are being displaced from their lands and prevented from accessing it. Israel systematically exploits Palestinian natural resources in violation of international law and implements a range of restrictions on Palestinian agriculture in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, while allowing Israeli agricultural corporations to profit from Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise.

As Palestinian agricultural organisations have noted, Israeli agricultural export companies are at the heart of Israel’s system of domination over the Palestinian people. They are an integral component of the on-going process of colonisation and environmental destruction of Palestinian land, the destruction of Palestinian agriculture, the theft of water, and the abuse of Palestinian workers’ rights, including child labourers.

The CO-OP has pledged to end trade with any company exporting goods from illegal Israeli settlements. We are asking all other UK supermarkets to follow that lead and ensure that the policy is subject to vigorous scrutiny.

Let’s end business as usual with Israel’s agricultural companies in support of the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality.