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Divest for Palestine

Israel's genocidal assault on Palestinians in Gaza has killed tens of thousands of Palestinians, and displaced over 85% of the entire population, many multiple times. Due to Israel's blockade, and its targeting of life-sustaining infrastructure, Palestinians in Gaza are facing imminent famine.

Israel can only carry out its devastating attacks on Palestinians across their homeland because of the support corporations and financial institutions around the world.

Divestment campaigns urge banks, local government pension funds, and universities to withdraw investments from companies that help sustain Israeli apartheid.

This includes companies that:
1) Supply weapons and military technology to Israel, used in its attacks on Palestinians.
2) Provide infrastructure, like roads or transport lines, for Israel's illegal military occupation of Palestinian land.
3) Conduct business activity in, or with, Israel's illegal settlement enterprise, therefore contributing to Israel's colonisation of Palestinian land.

Palestinians have called on people around the world to launch divestment campaigns as an effective way of showing solidarity with their struggle for freedom.

Find out more about PSC's divestment campaigns below:

Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Divest

PSC’s research has uncovered that local government pension scheme funds, administered by councils across Britain, collectively invest over £4.4billion in companies complicit in Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. This includes in companies supplying Israel with weapons and military technology used in its attacks on Palestinians.

The UK, as a state party to the Genocide Convention, has a legal responsibility to take action to deter and prevent further genocidal acts being committed against Palestinians.

Stemming from this obligation, councils must take immediate action to divest funds they administer from companies enabling Israel’s genocide, such as companies providing Israel with weapons and military technology to carry out its attacks.

The deferred wages of local government workers must not be used to fund injustice.

We demand councils divest for Palestine now!


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Many British universities are deeply complicit in Israel’s current bombardment of the Palestinian people, its ongoing occupation and apartheid, through:

1) Investments in companies complicit in the oppression of Palestine
2) Institutional ties with complicit institutions and companies

PSC research has uncovered that British universities invest over £420m in companies complicit in Israeli apartheid. Many student groups are running divestment campaigns to end this complicity.

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Boycott Barclays

Barclays is bankrolling Israel’s genocidal assault on Palestinians.

Our new research has uncovered that Barclays bank now holds over £2 billion in shares, and provides £6.1 billion in loans and underwriting, to 9 companies whose weapons, components, and military technology are being used by Israel in its attacks on Palestinians.

By providing investment and financial services to these arms companies, Barclays is facilitating the provision of weapons and technology for Israel’s attacks on Palestinians.

We’re calling on concerned people to boycott all Barclays services until the bank ends its grave complicity in Israel’s attacks on Palestinians.

Boycott Barclays!

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