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This week the Palestine Solidarity Campaign has been subjected to two cyber attacks.

On Wednesday our Twitter account was hacked into and messages sent purporting to be from PSC expressing support for Hamas. The following day our Facebook account was also hacked into. Whilst we do not know who was responsible for the hacking, there is a history of NGOs and individuals campaigning for Palestinian rights being targeted for these attacks.

PSC has reported the incidents to the police. Hacking in this manner is a criminal offence. We have also reviewed our internal security policies.

Given that the tweets sent were transparently not reflective of the views and policies of PSC, it is concerning that the tweets were retweeted by persons apparently keen to perpetuate these falsehoods. We were also concerned about misleading reporting of the hacking, despite the journalist having being made aware that PSC’s account had been hacked. However, after correspondence with the news outlet in question, we were pleased that they withdrew their inaccurate headline and changed the article to reflect the real situation.

All of those who care about protecting the value of freedom of expression need to act responsibly and in accordance with the law when they engage in debates about Israel’s conduct towards the Palestinians.

Our supporters will take comfort from the fact that such attacks can only serve to emphasise the effectiveness of our campaigning. We will not allow such attacks to deflect us from our work to uphold the rights of the Palestinian people to freedom justice and equality.

Thank you to all our supporters.