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PSC has been made aware of a number of unacceptable posts made by members of the public on our Facebook wall. These are abhorrent. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign works to highlight the systematic human rights abuses suffered by Palestinians. Our work and values are guided by our dedication to the principles of peace, equality and justice, and are fundamentally underpinned by an opposition to racism of all types, including antisemitism and islamophobia.

Antisemitic and islamophobic comments run counter to all the principles we stand for. It is our policy to seek to remove any offending posts, ban the offender from our page, and report their comments to Facebook. A page with 495,000 followers, many hundreds of comments a day, and flurries of news agenda related activity means that it is difficult to locate all offensive posts and remove them. We would wish to remind all users of their duties to abide by PSC’s stated values and opposition to all forms of discrimination. Those who do not share those values are not welcome.

We will be reviewing our social media policies and resourcing to ensure that our Facebook page is a welcoming space for all, and an example of the values of peace, equality, justice and anti-racism for which we stand.