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Vote Palestine: support Gaza
Candidates standing for election to Parliament in May who have responded to our survey have shown their support for an immediate lifting of Israel’s blockade of Gaza.
More than 700 candidates from all major parties in England, Scotland and Wales responded to emails sent to them by constituents, asking for their views on justice for the Palestinian people.
Candidates were asked if they agreed that Israel’s ongoing blockade against Gaza should be immediately lifted, and of those who answered the question, the vast majority – 69% – said yes. Indeed more than 9 out of 10 candidates (91%) who responded to the question supported the full and immediate lifting of the blockade, or lifting for humanitarian, construction and/or trade purposes.
vote Palestine
Check out your candidates’ views on Gaza and the other issues:
If they haven’t yet responded contact them today to ask them to reply:
More than 700 candidates have now responded to our campaign. Donate now and help us to reach more! Donate now
Join Ken Loach’s call for sanctions now!
Ken Loach video
Ken Loach has backed our campaign for the new Government to impose economic sanctions and an arms blockade on Israel. Watch his video and please do as he asks – sign and share our petition today!
(If the hyperlink above doesn’t work for you please copy and paste this link into your browser http://act.palestinecampaign.org/petition/28)
Southampton Conference on Israel and
international law postponed
On Tuesday the organisers of the Southampton Conference, hoping to defend the notion of academic freedom and overturn the University’s decision to cancel the conference took the case to the High Court. However, a High Court judge rejected the application for a judicial review. The organisers have released a statement explaining what happened and reiterating their commitment to continuing the fight for both academic freedom and justice for Palestine.
A lawyer acting for the university argued in court that the conference was not cancelled but merely “postponed”, and suggested that the university was offering to commission a report which would look into holding the conference at a later date.
Lawyers acting for the organisers focused on the university’s claim that protests would be held against the conference. In particular, they referenced the police report which suggested that protests would be led by Sussex Friends of Israel, and that this group worked with the English Defence League (EDL), a violent and racist group. They argued that that although the first police report identified the EDL and Sussex Friends of Israel as the potential protesters, it also said that the police were confident they could provide the necessary support to the university. University lawyers brought up the issue of a second police document: a weekly roundup of intelligence from the Met Police National Domestic Extremism Unit. However, they said it could not be released.
The organisers are still committed to protesting against the university decision and using “the moral strength of our cause to ensure freedom of speech and academic debate.” You can still sign the petition calling on the university to allow the conference to go ahead.
For more details on the decision, and the wider context of censorship at universities on debating Palestinian rights:
Tamer Abu Ghazaleh UK Tour 16-18 April
Tamer in London
Palestinian singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Tamer Abu Ghazaleh is a restless and inventive performer and promoter of a wide range of music and artistic activity and a leading figure in modern Arabic culture.
Come along to hear Tamer live in the UK, accompanied by a number of talented Egyptian musicians on the following dates:
Thursday 16 April in Manchesterwww.facebook.com/events/412973592210092/
Friday 17 April in Liverpool www.facebook.com/events/1576657025915684/
Saturday 18 April in London www.facebook.com/events/935246849853450/
The tour is supported by PSC – Book your ticket now!


News and events
Yarmouk protests
Protestors gathered outside the European Commission building in London, to register their horror at the siege and shelling of Yarmouk, and to call for international action to open an humanitarian corridor and to halt the killing and suffering. The organisers read out the names of many of the dead – most of whom were killed by starvation and lack of medical treatment.
Palestinian prisoners’ day – Friday 17 April European Parliament members demand “pressure” on Israel to free Palestinian lawmakers.

BBC hands airwaves over to Israel’s minister for war
In a recent interview on Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme, Israeli government minister, Moshe Ya’alon “was not only afforded absolute silence to tell his lies, he was allowed by the BBC to completely redefine the reality of what is happening in the West Bank and Gaza…
“This particular broadcast verged on complicity, on collusion, on a collaboration with Israel to put across its point of view when the chips were down.”
PSC’s Amena Saleem reports on yet another disgraceful low point in BBC coverage of the occupation.
Sanctions for Israel, say aid agencies
A hard-hitting report initiated by members of the Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA) calls for sanctions on Israel and divestment from complicit companies to pressure for improvements for Gaza and the Palestinian people
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