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Liberal Democrats
North East
1. Will you support measures to exclude Israeli illegal settlements from the EU relations with Israel?
2.And will you support a campaign to exclude goods entering the EU from Israel’s settlements beyond the Green Line?
3. Will you ensure that the EU fully applies the conditionality clause guaranteeing respect for human rights in all its future and current agreements between the EU and Israel?
4. Will you oppose Israel’s violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, and will you support Palestinians’ right to self-determination?
Any other comments?
To make progress on this long-standing and difficult issue, it is not only important to oppose but also to propose. The European Union has a duty to actively propose ways of supporting all those, on both sides, who wish to see a peaceful settlement of the Palestine / Israel conflict. So, as well as supporting the measures listed above, if elected I would see it as part of my duty to support constructive dialogue and engagement.
I am well aware that too many involved in the politics on the ground struggle to engage constructively with the opportunities to find a solution, when what is needed is a willingness to park the mistrust and the experience of previous decades.