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As the carnage continues in Gaza, tomorrow, Saturday 8 June, thousands will march in London once again for a ceasefire in Gaza and an end to arms sales to Israel.

The crowds will be addressed by a series of brilliant speakers and performers including Michael Rosen, US Amazon organiser Chris Smalls, George the Poet, Juliet Stephenson, TSSA General Secretary Maryam Eslamdoust, CWU General Secretary Dave Ward, Palestine ambassador Husam Zomlot and many more.

At the last march, a serious issue emerged when the Met Police placed a counter demonstration within a metre of the main demonstration, leaving protestors exposed to abuse and direct threats. When we made these concerns public, the Met Police apologised for their actions and indicated that Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist would meet with us to ensure that such scenes would not be repeated. No such meeting has been offered despite our requests. Even more concerningly, all of our requests in the past 2 days to speak with the Gold Commander about how the counter demonstration will be managed to ensure safety, have been rebuffed.

Despite the late stage in preparations for the march, we have asked for the third time for such a meeting.

We will not allow these issues or the actions of counter demonstrators to distract us from ensuring that the demands for an end to UK complicity in genocide once more echo on the streets of London. The demonstration will assemble at 12.30 pm at Russell Square tomorrow.

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