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Complain to your local shop about Sodastream

You may have heard about SodaStream recently, it is a company which produces devices for home carbonating your drink. You may or may not have heard that the company is based in an illegal settlement in violation of international law. 

As ‘Trading Away Peace’ – a report by 22 NGOs – states:

The main factory is in the Mishor Adummim industrial zone in the West Bank. Mishor Adummim is part of Ma’ale Adummim, one of the largest settlements strategically located east of Jerusalem, the establishment of which is considered one of the largest expropriations of private Palestinian land during the occupation.118

SodaStream pays taxes to Ma’ale Adummim Municipality; its revenues are thus directly  funding this settlement, which effectively  bifurcates the West Bank and is considered to be a major obstacle to any future peace agreement.”

Many local stores – particularly kitchen and homeware stores – have started stocking Sodastream. Please send a letter to a local shop who stock Sodastream asking them to stop. Please see model letter below: 

Please send a letter to your local shops stocking Sodastream:


Please find more information at www.codepink.org/boycottsodastream

Ask your friends and family to send a letter too.

If your local store refuses to stop stocking Sodastream consider holding a protest with others outside the store. 

You can use these resources:

Sodastream Poster

sodastream A4 poster

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sodastream leaflet A4 LAID UP