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Palestine supporters held a well-supported demonstration in LIverpool city centre on Saturday 18 May.

The demonstration was to mark the 65th anniversary of ‘Nakba Day’ in Palestine.
15 May 1948 was the date  when Britain withdrew forces from Palestine and Israel declared its independence.

Forced expulsions of Palestinians from their towns and villages by armed Jewish militias (many trained by the British) had already started in November 1947. Within 18 months over 400 villages were completely destroyed and 750,000 Palestinians were expelled. They have never been allowed to return.

Palestinians are still being evicted from their homes and lands in Israel, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Settlements, illegal under international law, continue to eat into West Bank territory while settlers burn Palestinian olive groves.

Demonstrators held banners and placards and distributed copies of a leaflet.


Members of the Hereford Palestine Solidarity Campaign  held  a Vigil in High Town last Wednesday.

The 15 Th May. is  known by Palestinians  as  Nakba Day and 2013 is the 65th anniversary of  the forcible displacement of the Palestinians  from the State of Israel

On Wednesday members of the group had the chance to tell local people of the desperate situation of Palestinians living in Israel and the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza. The continued military occupation severely limiting freedom of movement, construction of homes and the chance for education and a stable family life