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Many thanks for taking the time to write to me as we approach this month’s European Elections.

Who we send to the European Parliament matters for British families and for the British economy. Members of the European Parliament can deliver real change to ensure Europe works better for Britain.

In the coming weeks Labour candidates are campaigning on a policy platform that includes ensuring the EU delivers growth and jobs, tackles the cost of living crisis, and protects workers’ rights. Labour MEPs and candidates will also highlight their record of standing up for hardworking families, protecting our NHS, and taking on the energy companies and the banks.

As I’m sure you’ll understand, the detail of Labour’s policies for these elections is set out in our European Elections Manifesto and so I’m unable to sign up to this questionnaire.

However, please be assured that the Labour Party welcomes the renewed peace negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians which could help foster stability across the Middle East region. We believe a negotiated two state solution is the only way of resolving this tragic conflict, with Israel safe, secure and recognised within its borders; living peacefully alongside a democratic and viable Palestinian state. The ongoing conflict is having hugely damaging consequences for both peoples and Labour will continue to urge both sides to refrain from undertaking any action that may undermine the prospects for a lasting peace settlement being agreed.