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Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s written evidence for the International Development Committee’s inquiry has been published.

The International Development Committee is a group of MPs officially tasked with examining the policies, practices and spending of the Department for International Development (DfID).

Their inquiry is examining the UK’s Development Work in the Middle East.

PSC submitted evidence on DfID’s work in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Read a  summary of PSC’s evidence below:

The West Bank 

The importance of Area C and East Jerusalem – areas under the full control of the State of Israel –  to the long term future of Palestinians, a Palestinian state and Palestinian economic independence can not be over-stated.

It is clear that if Israel’s illegal policies of settlement building, forced displacement and hampering Palestinian development continue, then the devastating impact on Palestinian life and economy may become irreversible.

It is therefore vital that DfID assists the development of Palestinian structures and facilities within Area C and East Jerusalem and continue to support Palestinians living there. If DfID or EU supported structures are destroyed by the state of Israel then financial compensation should be sought.

This development programme should be delivered in tandem with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) taking further action against Israel’s programme of illegal settlement building and demolitions of Palestinian structures.

This should include a policy to exclude settlement goods from UK markets, preventing further UK economic support for Israel’s settlements.

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PSC’s submission welcomes humanitarian aid to the Gaza strip, but reminds the International Development Committee that the only permanent political, economic, humanitarian and just solution to the catastrophic situation in the Gaza strip is the complete lifting of the blockade on Gaza.

Forecasts from the UN of the situation that Gaza will face in 2020 are deeply troubling and make clear that radical infrastructure improvements, including electricity, water and sanitation provision, can no longer be delayed without serious consequences to life.

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