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Samer Issawi’s sister speaks about his hunger strike (photo: Labour2Palestine)

Samer Issawi is on hunger strike in detention in Israel, in protest at the threat to imprison him for a further 20 years on trivial and secret charges. Join us in challenging this injustice. 

Samer served ten years before his release as part of the historic prisoners exchange deal on 18 October 2011. But following his release Samer continued to be subjected to the Israeli Occupation’s arbitrary arrest practices.

He has now been imprisoned and risks spending another 20 years in prison.

Samer is being accused by a Jerusalem Court of violating the terms of his conditional release by entering West Bank areas.

Samer also is being charged by a military committee on secret information that is not accessible to him or his lawyer, which is asking for him to complete his prison sentence – meaning another 20 years in prison.

Ayman Sharawna has also been re-arrested under a military order effectively able to “cancel the early release” of prisoners who were released in the prisoners exchange deal. In Sharwana’s case, this means that he can be sentenced to serve the remaining 28 years of his sentence. His is currently in isolation and is being subjected to degrading treatment. 

To find out more about Ayman, Samer, and about the cases of Jafar Azzidine and Tarek Qa’adan (on hunger strike for imprisonment without charge or trial – adminstrative detention) visit the Adameer website.

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Contact the Foreign Office – by phone or by email –  urging them to pressure Israel to release Samer, Ayman, and to put an end to such an unjust, arbitrary and cruel system of incarceration without trial.

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  • It is unacceptable for Samer to be imprisoned for 20 years in prison for leaving Jerusalem and on the basis of secret evidence. The British Government must oppose this sentencing and call for the immediate release of Samer, Ayman, Jafar and Tarek
  • Israel’s use of Administrative Detention – holding Palestinian prisoners without charge or trial – must be stopped.
  • The UK and other States should make sure that the Israeli Authorities don’t go back on the historic prisoner release by re-arresting many of those who were released
  • The British Government must ensure that the Israeli Authorities understand there will be consequences if the Israeli Government continues to violate the Geneva Convention and other international laws
Addameer are one of the organisations leading the campaign for Samer’s and the other prisoners’ release
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