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We asked all European candidates for their views on 4 key issues:

  1. Do they oppose Israel’s violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, and do they support Palestinians’ right to self-determination?
  2. Will they oppose any upgrade of European agreements with Israel until Israel abides by the human rights clause in the EU Israel Association Agreement?
  3. Will they support mandatory EU wide labelling of agricultural goods and wine from Israel’s settlements?
  4. Will they support a campaign to exclude all goods entering the EU from Israel’s settlements beyond the Green Line (until a peace deal is agreed)?

The information below is to help you decide how to vote if you wish to take your candidates attitudes to Palestinian human rights into account.

The Eastern region will elect 7 MEPs. You can only vote for one Party, but those at the top of the list are most likely to be elected.

In the  last European Elections, in 2009, Eastern region elected:
4 Conservatives
1 Labour
1 Lib Dem

The first three Conservative candidates were elected last time (one joined Conservatives later from UKIP):

One Labour candidate was elected last time

One Liberal Democrat candidate was elected last time

Two UKIP candidate was elected last time (but one switched to Conservative)

If your MEP candidates haven’t responded to these questions please ask them to do so now – send them this letter (do personalise for greater impact – but please don’t change the key questions or we won’t be able to include their replies!) and their emails are next to their names.


Conservative Eastern candidates
Vicky Ford MEP [email protected] / [email protected]
Geoffrey Van Orden MEP [email protected]
David Campbell Bannerman MEP [email protected]
John Flack [email protected]
Tom Hunt https://twitter.com/cllrtomhunt1
Margaret Simons https://twitter.com/Margaret_Simons
Jonathan Collett http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/jonathan-collett/b/596/8a9
Green Eastern candidates
Rupert Read [email protected] https://twitter.com/RupertRead
Mark Ereira-Guyeris [email protected]https://twitter.com/markereiraguyer


Labour Eastern candidates
Richard Howitt[email protected]   [email protected]://twitter.com/richardhowitt
Alex Mayer [email protected]  @alexlmayer
Sandy Martin[email protected][email protected]
Bhavna Joshi [email protected]
Paul Bishop [email protected]
Naseem Ayub  [email protected]
Chris Ostrowski [email protected]

Lib Dem

1. Josephine Hayes  Twitter  Facebook Email

2. Belinda Brooks-Gordon Twitter Email Website

3. Stephen Robinson Twitter Website

4. Michael Green Twitter Facebook Website

5. Linda Jack Twitter Email Website

6. Hugh Annand Twitter


1. Patrick O’Flynn Twitter

2. Stuart Agnew Email Website

3. Tim Aker Twitter Facebook Website

4. Michael Heaver Twitter Website

5. Mick McGough

6. Andy Monk

7. Mark Hughes Twitter