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With just a week to go before the UK General Election, voters have shown that the issue of justice in Palestine is high on their list of concerns and they’ve been making sure that Parliamentary candidates are aware of this.

More than 900 Parliamentary candidates have responded to emails from constituents in an email poll coordinated by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, answering a series of questions ranging from their opinion on Israel’s siege on Gaza to whether they would support an arms embargo on Israel.

Their answers are available for voters to see on Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s website, providing a useful resource for people as they prepare to go to the polls.

Sarah Colborne, Director of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said: “We’re asking voters to consider Palestine when they vote next Thursday. And thanks to our email poll, people across England, Wales and Scotland can check on which of their Parliamentary candidates support freedom and justice for Palestinians before they head to the ballot box.”

Ms Colborne added: “Last summer’s Israeli massacre in Gaza really opened people’s eyes to the savagery of Israel’s treatment of the indigenous Palestinian population. They saw a brutal occupying power killing Palestinian women, children and men at will, as it enforced its siege and occupation, and they saw how Israel has impunity from international law to behave in this way.

“Those same people want their concerns reflected in Parliament and they are prepared to work, to lobby and to vote in way that ensures this. This is evident in the numbers who emailed their candidates using our email tool, and the large number of candidates who have responded is an indication that public opinion in support of the Palestinians is having an impact.”