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Hold your candidates to account during the European Elections, and help gather information which will help Palestine supporters decide how to vote.

Ask your MEP candidates their views on some crucial issues:

Please ask your MEP candidates to fill in our questionnaire>

Please remember that the further up the list they are the more likely they are to be elected (ie. no1 is most likely to be elected, 2 second most likely etc).

You can also use our model letter>

This gives links to all the  MEP candidates in your region. Not sure what region you are in? Check here>

Find out your views of your MEP candidates, or contact them today.

See below for details of your MEP candidates are and if they’ve responded


East Midlands 



1. Emma McLarkin Twitter Email Email2 Website Phone

2. Andrew Lewer

3. Rupert Matthews Twitter Facebook Email Website

4. Stephen Castens Email

5. Brendan Clarke-Smith Facebook Website



1. Katharina Boettge Responses> Twitter

2. Cllr Sue Mallender Responses> Twitter Email Website

3. Peter Allen Twitter

4. Richard Mallender Twitter Email Website

5. Simon Hales Twitter



1. Glenis Willmott Read response> Twitter Email Website Phone Phone2

2. Rory Palmer Twitter Website

3. Linda Woodings Twitter Email

4. Khalid Hadadi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       5. Nicki Brooks


Lib Dem

1. Bill Newton Dunn Twitter Email Website  Phone Phone2

2. Issan Ghazni Twitter Facebook Website

3. Phil Knowles Twitter  Email Website Phone

4. George Smid Twitter Email Website

5. Deborah Newton-Cook Twitter Email



1. Roger Helmer Twitter Website Phone Phone2 Phone3

2. Margot Parker Twitter

3. Jonathan Bullock Email

4. Nigel Wickens Twitter Facebook Website

5. Barry Mahoney



You can also read our EU briefing for the EU elections>