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Hold your candidates to account during the European Elections, and help gather information which will help Palestine supporters decide how to vote.

Ask your MEP candidates their views on some crucial issues:

Please ask your MEP candidates to fill in our questionnaire>

Please read our EU briefing for the EU elections>

Please remember that the further up the list they are the more likely they are to be elected (ie. no1 is most likely to be elected, 2 second most likely etc).

You can also use our model letter>

This gives links to all the  MEP candidates in your region. Not sure what region you are in? Check here>


Jacqueline Foster MEP  Twitter>  Email>  Website>

Sajjad Karim MEP Read responses> Twitter> Email>  Website>

Kevin Beaty  Cllr Twitter>   Facebook>  Email>

Deborah Dunleavy  Email> Website>

Joe Barker Twitter>  Email>  Website>

Daniel Hamilton Twitter>  Email>  Website>  07990 682119

Chris Whiteside Twitter>  Email>  Website>

James Walsh


Peter Cranie blogsite twitter email

Gina Dowding email twitter

Laura Bannister

Jill Perry

John Knight

Ulrike Zeshan

Lewis Coyne

Jake Welsh


GRIFFIN, Theresa Twitter>  Facebook>  Website>

KHAN, Afzal Twitter>  Facebook>  Website>

WARD, Julie Responses> Twitter> Facebook>

KHAN, Wajid Twitter> Facebook>  Email>  Website>

STOGIA, Angeliki Twitter>   Facebook>  Email>  Website>

CARTER, Steve  Twitter> Website>

LAMB, Pascale Twitter>  Email>  Website>

Lib Dem

Chris Davies MEP Twitter> Email>  Website>  0161 477 7070 and +32 (0) 228 37353

Helen Foster-Grime Twitter> Facebook>

Jo Crotty Twitter>

Qassim Afza  Email>   Email> Website>

Jane Brophy   Twitter>   Email>   Website>    Website>

Sue McGuire Twitter>, Email> Website>

Gordon Lishman

Neil Christian Twitter>  Facebook> Website>


Paul Nuttall MEP Twitter> Email> Website>

Steven Woolfe Twitter>   Facebook>  Email>  Website>

Shneur Odze Twitter>  Facebook> Email> Website>

Michael McManus   Twitter> Website>

Lee Slaughter

Simon Noble Twitter>

Peter Harper Email> Website>

We have focused on the major parties who are likely to win seats in the elections. For a full list please see here>