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29/11/2013 - 15/12/2013    
All Day

Bristol Palestine Film Festival 2013

Running from 29  November to 15 December, 2013 our programme in 2013 features some of the most remarkable works from Palestine in recent years.  Including ‘When I saw you’, Annemarie’s Jacir’s latest feature and this year’s entry to the Oscars; Infiltrators’ described as a visceral ‘road movie’ chronicles the daily travails of Palestinians as they seek routes through, under, around, and over the wall; and Apples of Golan’ a  atmospheric documentary about story of a village turned prison set to the background of the revolution raging across the border in their homeland Syria as it creeps through the orchards towards them in Israel.

In addition to animations, documentaries, and a wide range of short films we welcome well-loved travel writer Dervla
 for a discussion about her recent visit to Gaza and the West Bank portrayed in ‘A month by the sea’.  We also welcome
back Dr. Ghada Karmi who will discuss ‘Married to another man’ a revealing and insightful look at the difficulties Israel’s existence
created for the Arab world and why the search for a solution to conflict with Palestine has been so elusive.  The festival opens with an exclusive
pre-event with the engaging  Dasa Raimanova, film director (Resistance Recipes) who will be preparing mouth-watering recipes inspired by what she learned in Palestine, followed by a screening of her film Resistance Recipes which is an insightful look at cuisine and agriculture in the West Bank.

This event is presented in partnership with the coexist community kitchen. FFI www.bristolpff.org.uk.

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